About Rev. Todd R. Lattig

 Rev. Todd R. Lattig is a pastor, a writer, an artist and a musician living in Northwestern, NJ with his wife, Bernadette, and their two daughters, Katherine and Lorien. He is a pastor in the Greater NJ Conference of the United Methodist Church and currently serves as the senior pastor of First United Methodist Church of  Newton, NJ. He also serves as the coordinator of Skylands’ Young People Empowered, which is a ministry for the youth of the Skylands District, and he serves on the Commission on Archives and History of the Greater NJ Conference.

Todd is passionate about liturgy, worship, and community building. He has a profound interest in Christian history, as well as dynamic Christian education. As a theologian and a philosopher, Todd has a passion for sparking dialog on theological and philosophical issues within Christianity, in order to promote a deeper understanding of faith and Christian life in the modern world. As a dedicated vegan, he is also passionate about veganism and the link between faith and a healthy lifestyle. Todd has and continues to speak on the Christian faith and veganism both at health seminars, panels and festivals around the U.S.