Episode 16a | Special Episode: Jesus for Atheists


This is a Special Episode of Life-Giving Water Messages, where Rev. Todd R. Lattig engages in a discussion with Rev. Salvatore Seirmarco on Dr. Richard Dawkins’ column, “Atheists for Jesus” found in his anthology book entitled, Science in the Soul.


  • Click here to read Rev. Todd R. Lattig’s essay, “A Response to ‘Atheists for Jesus'”.
    • This has also been published as an Episode 16b | Supplement: A Response to Atheists for Jesus” for those who would prefer to listen to the essay as opposed to read it.
  • Click here for an excellent, indepth podcast by The Sinnergists on the historical context of 1st Century Judaea.
    • This includes a discussion of the Roman Empire, Roman Occupation of Judaea/Palestine, and why the earliest Christian community utilized the language that it did (e.g. “gospel”, Son of God, Savior, etc.). DISCLAIMER: The Sinnergists are NOT affiliated with Life-Giving Water Messages or with Rev. Todd Lattig; however, this is one of the best historical contextualizations of Jesus’ and the earliest Christians’ time-period. The discussion starts following the introductions at around 10 minute in.

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