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Episode 13 | Free Bird


Hi In this episode, fellow POJCasters, Todd and Sal discuss a totally sacred subject: Tattooing. Specifically, your most excellent hosts discuss the healing nature of getting tattoos. Believe it or not, it can be a gift from God.

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Totes Tattooed:

Todd (oldest to newest)

Sal (oldest to newest)

He Brews Segment

  • Todd and Sal: Chocolate Covered Raspberry Iced Latte*
  • Amanda: Peaches and Tea*

*This episodes drinks were purchased at Between the Bread. If you live in or around Newton, NJ, go check them out. They’re fabulous!

Most Excellent Music Segment



  • In the Night by Andrew Peterson, Buddy Greene, Jeff Taylor, & Andy Gullahorn


Episode 11 | A Justifying Gift


In this episode, fellow POJCasters, Todd and Sal discuss a totally righteous subject: God’s Grace. Specifically, your most excellent hosts discuss Justifying Grace (John Wesley) and Justification (John Calvin). This is part 2 of a 3 part series on God’s Amazing Grace.

Special Announcement: While we recorded this podcast, we also video recorded it. You can watch that here. We will be continuing to record these videos simultaneously with our podcast. Also we are starting a patreon account and, in the future, patrons will be given access to videos that have bonus material such as extended conversations, research notes from the episode such as “A Justifying Gift: From The Wesleyan Perspective” put together by Rev. Todd, Q & A sessions and much more. Let the video above be a window into what you can expect as a patron.


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 On Justification and Justifying Grace

Bill and Ted’s Most Excellent Announcement