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Episode 25 | Pledge of Allegiance


In this episode, Rev. Todd R. Lattig addresses head on the issue of Jesus and politics. Can they be separated? Should they be separated? Should we keep Jesus in his place and politics in its place, both separate from each other and always disconnected? Is this the Biblical approach to understanding Jesus and the message Jesus has for the world? Was this Jesus’ idea of what it meant to follow him? These questions and more are addressed in this very important episode. This Episode is based on Acts 5:17-29.


Episode 24 | Graceful Justice: Final Greetings


In this episode, based on Philemon 1:23-25, Rev. Todd Lattig recaps Paul’s formula for seeking justice through letters and shows that much wisdom can be pulled from the Apostle’s final greeting to Philemon and his church.

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Episode 18 | Graceful Justice: Paul in Action


In part 1 of this six part series on Graceful Justice, Rev. Todd R. Lattig introduces the difference between the world’s justice and God’s justice. In this episode, he discusses the fundamental theological understanding Paul had of his fellow Christians, which informed his understnading of how to promote justice in his communities.


Episode 13 | No Fear


In this episode of Life-Giving Water Messages, Rev. Todd Lattig discusses the end result of fear and the nature of God, who calls us to be fearless.


  • Today’s Scripture: 1 John 4:7-21
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