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Episode 33 | PPE


In this episode, Rev. Todd goes into depth regarding Paul’s “full armor of God” analogy in Ephesians 6:10-20. In a world filled with sin and evil, it is important to put on the armor that God has equipped us with in order to stand up for truth and for justice.


Episode 32 | Caution


In this episode, Rev. Todd questions what kind of image we are presenting to the world? Do our actions live up to the image we put forth, or do they fall short in the eyes of those on the outside looking in? Tune in to this challenging episode, based on Ephesians 5:15-20.


Episode 30 | Evicting the Devil


In this episodes, Rev. Todd has an honest conversation on Satan, how the devil operates, and how we go about evicting the devil from our lives.


Episode 29 | Growing Up


In this episode, Rev. Todd talks about the necessity of being connected to the Body of Christ, as well as the importance of “Growing Up” in our faith.


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Episode 28 | Dimensions of Love


In this episode, based on Ephesians 3:14-21, Rev. Todd discusses the Apostle’s prayer for Christians to have the wisdom to know the dimensions of love and to be rooted in Christ. Unpacking this in a relevant way, this message points us to the source of LOVE.


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Episode 27 | Graceful Justice: At All Costs


In this episode, Rev. Todd Lattig concludes the 6 part series on Graceful Justice by looking at a very revealing passage in another letter written by Paul. It is in this passage where we see Paul’s own theology around Christian unity and Graceful Justice at work in his own life and ministry. This message is based on Romans 15:1-7.


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Episode 25 | Pledge of Allegiance


In this episode, Rev. Todd R. Lattig addresses head on the issue of Jesus and politics. Can they be separated? Should they be separated? Should we keep Jesus in his place and politics in its place, both separate from each other and always disconnected? Is this the Biblical approach to understanding Jesus and the message Jesus has for the world? Was this Jesus’ idea of what it meant to follow him? These questions and more are addressed in this very important episode. This Episode is based on Acts 5:17-29.


Episode 24 | Graceful Justice: Final Greetings


In this episode, based on Philemon 1:23-25, Rev. Todd Lattig recaps Paul’s formula for seeking justice through letters and shows that much wisdom can be pulled from the Apostle’s final greeting to Philemon and his church.

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