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Episode 61 | Special Episode: People of the Closed Door


In this special episode, Rev. Todd discusses the lament he has regarding the United Methodist Church’s decision to pass the so-called “Traditional Plan”, and he also shares the hope he has in movement of the Holy Spirit within the United Methodist Church.


Episode 45 | Special Episode: Happy Thanksgiving


In this special holiday episode, Rev. Todd reflects on how one can truly experience a Happy Thanksgiving.


Episode 31 | Special Episode: A Gentle and Respectful Explanation


In this special episode of Life-Giving Water Messaes Rev. Todd is joined by Rev. Sal in order to discuss questions regarding the the practices of Christianity that set Christians apart from Judaism. This discussion comes as a result of questions that a Jewish person was sincerely wondering about. Peter instructed us Christians to “always be ready to explain [our faith]. But do this in a gentle and respectful way. Keep your conscience clear.” (1 Peter 3:15-16) Thus, this episode is our attempt at a gentle and respectful explanation.


  • Proof that Dunkin’ Donuts short changes Sal on the skim milk in his coffee.

Episode 22 | Special Episode: The Time is Now


In this special episode of Life-Giving Water Messages, Rev. Todd R. Lattig and Rev. Sal Seirmarco discuss depression, anxiety, other mental illnesses and suicide. In this discussion, Todd and Sal get personal about their own struggles, as well as converse about the need for church communities to participate in destigmatizing and ministering to people who are suffering. The time for conversation and action is now.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We recognize that it is not just those who have mental illness, suicidal ideations, and/or have died by suicide who suffer; rather, the family and friends of those people suffer as well. While we do make brief mention of the families of suicide victims, and bring up resources (e.g. NAMI, see below), we thought we would mention it here as well. Often such people also endure depression, guilt, shame and other things as a result of losing someone they love in such a way. While we don’t address this at length in the podcast, we want to be clear that we believe the church, and society, should be reaching out compassionately and lovingly to them as well.

While this episode does discuss where our society, and the Church, are failing people (and their families) who are suffering…we do so to raise awareness and to spark dialog on this very pressing and important issue. The idea is not to guilt or shame people for the past, but to challenge all of us to rise up to address this issue in the present. We all do what we believe to be right in the moment, but we can always learn and grow. The past is past. The present is what matters and that will affect the future. The time is now. 

We welcome respectful and constructive engagement on Twitter.

Todd’s Twitter: @trlattig

Sal’s Twitter: @Sal_S1979


  • The song at the end of this episode is entitled, “Find Me” and was written by Gene Taylor. Used with permission. Please click here to check out Gene Taylor’s Facebook Page.
  • If you are experiencing depression and/or are having suicidal ideations, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at: 1-800-273-8255
  • Click here to visit the web page for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).
  • Click here to read Paul Tillich’s sermon, “You Are Accepted”.
  • Click here to find out more information on Brennan Maning, and click here to check out “The Ragamuffin Gospel” on Amazon.
  • Click here to check out the film, “Ragamuffin”, on the life of Rich Mullins

Episode 16a | Special Episode: Jesus for Atheists


This is a Special Episode of Life-Giving Water Messages, where Rev. Todd R. Lattig engages in a discussion with Rev. Salvatore Seirmarco on Dr. Richard Dawkins’ column, “Atheists for Jesus” found in his anthology book entitled, Science in the Soul.


  • Click here to read Rev. Todd R. Lattig’s essay, “A Response to ‘Atheists for Jesus'”.
    • This has also been published as an Episode 16b | Supplement: A Response to Atheists for Jesus” for those who would prefer to listen to the essay as opposed to read it.
  • Click here for an excellent, indepth podcast by The Sinnergists on the historical context of 1st Century Judaea.
    • This includes a discussion of the Roman Empire, Roman Occupation of Judaea/Palestine, and why the earliest Christian community utilized the language that it did (e.g. “gospel”, Son of God, Savior, etc.). DISCLAIMER: The Sinnergists are NOT affiliated with Life-Giving Water Messages or with Rev. Todd Lattig; however, this is one of the best historical contextualizations of Jesus’ and the earliest Christians’ time-period. The discussion starts following the introductions at around 10 minute in.