2017 Holy Week Devotions: Good Friday

holy-week-2015Every year, Christians the world over observe the final week of Jesus’ life, which ends the season of Lent and propels us to resurrected life outside the empty tomb. With that said, in order to experience resurrection and the eternal life that comes from it, one must first experience the passion, the death, and the depths of the cold, dark, dank and hollow tomb. Walk with Jesus as starts his Holy Week journey being hailed a king and finishes it being crucified an enemy of the empire. Enter the dark uncertainty, of the grief-stricken tomb and experience the transformative power of the resurrection on Easter Sunday, when the unthinkable happens, Jesus is RISEN and walks out of the tomb alive! Celebrate Holy Week and encounter the Risen Lord of all Creation, and experience the resurrection through the One who conquered sin and death.

Today’s devotion is SON OF GOD: Good Friday

2 thoughts on “2017 Holy Week Devotions: Good Friday”

  1. Wow! Pastor Todd….I was so hungry for thoroughly was so spiritually hungry for hearing God’s word in a profound way and I am truly touched by your Holy Week Series called: “Son of God.” It touched my heart in a powerful way! I was so uplifted spiritually and inspired by reading each and every one of them. I look forward to the learning the background history too.
    Thank you so much for being so dedicated and inspired by God in writing these devotionals. I want you to know how much I always look forward to your next devotional and what God has to teach me through them. After reading them, there is always a message left in my heart or something to ponder and pray over after reading them. You are an amazing heart-felt, God-inspired writer. God Bless You Always!

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