ANNOUNCEMENT: New Ministry Added


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Party On JohnCast is the newest ministry to be added under the Life-Giving Water Ministries umbrella. This podcast consists of a Calvinist (Rev. Salvatore Seirmarco) and a Wesleyan (Rev. Todd R. Lattig) partying on with totally tubular music, delicious java/drinks, and most excellent theological discourse! Party on!

Each episode features many fun segments including the He Brews segment (Coffee/Beverage review), Most Excellent Music Segment, and a discussion centered on Christian theology. The hosts are also sometimes joined by special guests.

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Check out the Party On JohnCast Facebook Page.

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    1. Yay Alice! We’re stoked you love it!!! And the good news is that the podcast will now be posted to Life-Giving Water every time it is published! Stay tuned…a new episode is in the making…plus more announcements to come!

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