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Episode 303 | Beautiful Feet


In this episode, Rev. Todd shares how beautiful the feet are of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns! 

UPDATE | October 21, 2021: Access to LIVE Party and Other Updates


Hello POJCasters,

This LIVE update for The Party On JohnCast covers how to access tomorrow night’s (Friday, October 22 at 8 p.m.) LIVE Halloween Party on YouTube, airing at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (GMT -400). You can access our channel by clicking the following link:


It also covers other rocking information you don’t want to miss out on!

Keep being excellent to each other and don’t be a jerk,


The Rockin’ Reverend

VACATION: See You On the Flipside


Hello fellow sojourners,

I am so thankful for your journeying with me and listening to Life-Giving Water Messages. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be enjoying a much needed family vacation and so there will not be services to listen to; however, if you visit First United Methodist Church’s YouTube Channel, you can watch the service in its entirety. If you are unable to catch it live on Sundays at 10:30 a.m., remember it takes a while for the livestream to process and post following the service’s end, so keep checking back on our channel to see if it has posted. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Ministry Added


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Party On JohnCast is the newest ministry to be added under the Life-Giving Water Ministries umbrella. This podcast consists of a Calvinist (Rev. Salvatore Seirmarco) and a Wesleyan (Rev. Todd R. Lattig) partying on with totally tubular music, delicious java/drinks, and most excellent theological discourse! Party on!

Each episode features many fun segments including the He Brews segment (Coffee/Beverage review), Most Excellent Music Segment, and a discussion centered on Christian theology. The hosts are also sometimes joined by special guests.

Subscribe to the Party On JohnCast at partyonjohn.org or through:

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Check out the Party On JohnCast Facebook Page.

Upcoming Series…

Hello all,

announcement-speakers-and-peopleI have just finished with the series on the Beatitudes. I think it can be seen that Jesus Christ’s teachings were both provocative, as well as controversial. They were mainly the latter because they challenged the status quo of his times, and challenged people to see the sin within themselves in order that they might repent and change the direction their lives were heading in. Unfortunately, as we can see today, when those who have much are challenged to give more than they take, all hell breaks loose. This was the case in Jesus’ day too, and unfortunately Jesus was put to death on the cross for challenging the wealthy and preaching truth to the powerful. But Jesus’ story doesn’t end there, because he resurrected and his life and teachings live on in those who are faithful to him, as Lord, and his message as supreme.

This week I will be taking a short break from writing and will be putting out two previous devotions for your edification; however, when I do start writing up again, I will begin a new series that will continue on from the Beatitudes to the Sermon on the Mount as a whole. I pray you will continue reflecting on the previous series in preparation for the one to come.


Rev. Todd R. Lattig