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Episode 10 | The Road Forward to Eden this special episode of Life-Giving Water Messages, entitled “The Road Forward to Eden”, Rev. Todd Lattig discusses a personal struggle with the hope of GIVING HOPE to all who find themselves struggling. Through our weaknesses, Christ is strong.


Click here to see the Rev. Todd Lattig’s YouTube video testimonial heard in this episode.

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Episode 7 | Special Episode: Staring Death in the Face! is a Special Episode of Life-Giving Water Messages, where Rev. Todd R. Lattig engages in a conversation with Rev. Salvatore Seirmarco around his call as a health care chaplain, how he deals with death, and the hope he finds in the resurrection of the body. This is a continuation of the message given in episode 6. Don’t miss out on this fascinating and inspiring discussion.

Episode 6 | I Believe: Resurrection of the Body this episode of Life-Giving Water Messages, Rev. Todd Lattig discusses the essential Christian belief in the resurrection of the body. This discussion includes how the concept of resurrection came to be, the necessity for Christians to believe in it, and the hope that comes through it.

When you are finished listening to this episode, listen to Episode 7, a continuing discussion on the hope of the resurrection between Rev. Salvatore Seirmarco and me. You don’t want to miss it.

Episode 1 | I Believe: God

PodcstLogoListen to this week’s Life-Giving Water Message, where Rev. Todd Lattig discusses the nature of belief as well as the Christian belief in God. This particular episode not only marks the inaugural podcast, but it also marks the first part in a a six week series on the Apostles Creed.